INC..100% FILIPINO..Vancouver, Canada

well, actually it's hard for me to introduce myself
cOz, uhm.? nah! nothing :DD

well I'm an easy goin, shy and friendly person..

I'm so much love to gain "friend"..
having a friends in different places :))

sometimes, isip bata ako but masaya at cool akong kasama (that is, if we're close) :D
some of my friends told me,"LAUGH TRIP" pag kasama daw ako..:D

but if kailangang maging seryoso, i get really serious especially if "problems" na ang pag-uusapan, lalo na pag study, family or friendship probs.

I'm also a good listener if my friends are in need of help, so if you guys are looking for a friend that you can open up to.. I can be there to help you :))


I have 3 personalities


-you'll have a laugh with me, this is the time where i just laugh and have a great time, not caring for what my face would be look like..


-this is mostly when i play CHESS (before) or sometimes in studying.. :))I'm the person who'll listen to you when u need help..


-when u first meet me i tend to be silent. From a lot of sources people call me a "SNOB/SNOBER" b'coz i don't speak to them, but I'm just really shy. you need "TO SPEAK TO ME FIRST" then i start to speak to you too, and when you get to know me..we'll be close friend for sure :))